Sadullah Ahmadzai was elected as the President of AFSO when the organization was established in March of 2007 and has been serving at that capacity ever since. He also served a 2-year term as the President of the Afghan Soccer League from 1995 to 1997. Sadullah Ahmadzai is one of the most accomplished and most capped members of the Afghan National team. He was the National Team goalkeeper and captain for many years and is a historian of Afghan soccer. As one of the most recognized and respected sporting figures in Afghan sports history, Sadullah Ahmadzai has been serving the Afghan soccer community for over two decades and has been influential in the formation of ASL and AFSO to develop and promote the game within the community. He is still held in high regard in Afghanistan and at the Afghan Football Federation which has led to a dynamic and productive relationship between AFSO and the AFF. Sadullah Ahmadzai is an avid fan of the game and his love for the sport has carried over to the second chapter of his sporting life which has been service to the game and to Afghan athletes. Under his leadership AFSO has made great strides and the organization has been able to revive the game within the community, provide advancement opportunities to national squads for Afghan players and provide support for teams and schools in Afghanistan.

Rahmat Ahmadzai was one of the founding members of AFSO in March of 2007 and has played a major role in the development and growth of soccer in Northern California since the 1980’s. A member and Captain of the Afghan National Team and one of the founding members of Bamika Soccer Club in Kabul, Rahmat Ahmadzai was one of the best players in Afghanistan in the 1970’s, also playing for Hindukush Soccer Club in his last years in Afghanistan. In the early 80’s, he helped establish the US version of Bamika in Fremont, CA and a decade later helped with the creation of the Afghan Soccer League in Northern California. Rahmat Ahmadzai has been serving the Afghan Soccer Community for all of his years in the United States and his involvement in the creation of AFSO was a natural process to help revive and rejuvenate the stagnant condition of soccer in the community. He has served in the Vice President capacity at AFSO and since January of 2010 has been a senior member of the AFSO Advisory Board. He has been in involved in all aspects of AFSO’s day-to-day operations and tirelessly works for the betterment of Afghan soccer. A true legend and a recognizable name in the community, Rahmat Ahmadzai brings years of experience and leadership to AFSO and his calm demeanor and his ever-present smile has earned him the respect of his peers and the community and we are proud to have him on our team at AFSO.

Kamran Faizi joined AFSO in March of 2007 and has been involved in Afghan Soccer from the early days of the game in the Afghan Community of Northern California. The pickup games of 1984 with friends led to the establishment of Hijrat Soccer Club in Alameda in 1985 which subsequently became Khyber Soccer Club in 1993. Kamran Faizi has been instrumental in the development and growth of soccer in Northern California since the mid 80’s. He was part of the founding members of the Afghan Soccer League in 1995, and launched the “FreeKick” weekly soccer newsletter which became the League’s official publication for the four years of ASL in operation. Kamran Faizi has served in the Communications Dept since 2007 and as the host of AFSO Sports Report on Noor TV since August of 2007. A licensed referee and licensed coach, Kamran Faizi has been a strong proponent of developing youth teams in the community and has tirelessly campaigned for the inclusion of youth teams in tournaments over the years. Since 1985, he has missed attending only one major tournament in Northern California.

Shuja Alcozai has been a member of AFSO since 2007 serving in the Operations Dept of the Organization. In 2010 he was elected as the Director of Operations for AFSO. For close to two decades, he has been involved in the Northern California soccer community and has played a major role in the development of the game. Shuja Alcozai was instrumental in the formation of Aria Soccer Club a couple of years ago and was recently elected as the President of the Club. He also was a member of the Afghan Soccer League in the 1990’s. A member of the Afghan National Youth team, he has been a solid and well respected player on the Afghan Soccer scene in the United States. In 2010 when six talented ladies were selected from US based teams as part of the Afghan National Women’s Team, Shuja Alcozai helped with the coaching duties of the players. The Women’s National Team participated in their first ever international tournament in Bangladesh at the 2010 SAFF games. He also travelled to Afghanistan and represented AFSO before the Afghan Football Federation.

Hashmat Haidari has been a member of AFSO since 2007 serving in the finance dept of AFSO and since 2009 has been the Chief Financial Officer for the organization. He worked in the same capacity for the Afghan Soccer League of Northern California from 1995 to 1999. One of the bright stars of Afghan Soccer in the United States since the 1980’s, Hashmat Haidari has made tremendous contributions to the growth of soccer and continues to be involved in the soccer community with AFSO as the host of AFSO Sports Report weekly TV show. Hashmat Haidari worked closely with the Afghan Football Federation on behalf of AFSO and travelled to Afghanistan, Syria and Tajikistan with the National Team in 2007; when they participated in the 2010 World Cup qualifying matches. He visited Afghanistan again in 2010 and on both occasions, he distributed soccer uniforms, gear and supplies from AFSO to countless number of soccer teams and high schools. A passionate soccer player, Hashmat Haidari’s enthusiasm for the game has been the driving force for his work ethic, discipline and attention to detail making him a dependable and instrumental member of AFSO.

Arian Nawabi was part of the initial group that established AFSO in March of 2007 and has been an essential part of the Organization’s Southern California operations. Since January 2010, he has been part of the Marketing Dept of AFSO and in the last 4 years has been involved in all aspects of AFSO tournaments and soccer clinics. Arian Nawabi is a familiar face in the Afghan soccer circles across North America and his service to the Afghan soccer dates back to almost two decades. In 2007, along with a group of Afghans based in the US he was able to introduce the fledging Afghan Women’s National Team to the world. Arian Nawabi is a well-established and respected individual and soccer player and one of the best midfielders in the Afghan Community and an asset to AFSO.

Nazrat “Naz” Rahimi has been a member of AFSO since 2007 and is considered one of the most dedicated and dependable members of AFSO by all of his peers. He has been the quintessential “first to show up and last to leave” member at all of the AFSO functions and tournaments. He lends a helping hand in all the matters and has been a tremendous help in terms of printing banners, logos, t-shirts and other materials for the AFSO events. Nazrat Rahimi also helps out in the production of the AFSO Sports Report weekly TV show and has led the volunteer efforts of the organization for the last four years. He is a huge fan of football and his love for the game and everlasting willingness to help has made him a key member of the organization.

Ebad Mobaligh has been an integral part of the Operations Dept of AFSO since joining the organization in 2007. Not one to shy away from any assignment or task, he lends a helping hand in all aspects of AFSO and plays a big part in our day-to-day activities. His efforts and contributions towards tournament schedules, player registrations, field reservations, marketing, event coordination, TV programming, web design and a host of other matters have been tremendous and we are very fortunate to have him on our team.