Afghan Football Support Organization

In an effort to revive and sustain all sporting activities - particularly soccer (football) in Afghanistan - a number of former Afghanistan National Football Team Players along with other Afghan footballers met in Orange County, CA on March 9th, 2007, and took the initiative to establish a non-profit organization called the Afghan Football Support Organization (AFSO).

AFSO is not affiliated with any political groups and solely aims to be a support mechanism for sports in Afghanistan and the Afghan sporting communities abroad.

Due to the last three decades of war and the upheaval and turmoil associated with war, the country’s social, economical, cultural, and political infrastructures along with sports have suffered tremendously.

AFSO calls on world sports organizations and communities, Afghan and non-Afghan fans, soccer players and sport enthusiasts and their communities to extend their support to this organization and to be of assistance to this worthy cause.

THE MAIN OBJECTIVES OF AFSO ARE: To engage in active participation with athletes and to revitalize sports, particularly football in Afghanistan.

To provide urgent and much needed financial and emotional support for football players and football clubs in Afghanistan.

To encourage, promote and support talented athletes in and outside of Afghanistan.

To establish unity and sportsmanship among athletes and provide opportunities to participate in tournaments in and outside of Afghanistan.

To facilitate coaches in Afghanistan and to invite Afghan athletes and or coaches abroad for training.

AFSO needs your help

To express interest as a corporate sponsor or for more information, please contact.

Afghan Football Support Organization

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